Director of QSO | (Quality, Supply Chain, & Operations)

Become an integral part of a startup team taking an innovative medical diagnostic platform through initial regulatory approval, market launch and product scale-up. You will lead three of the most critical parts of the company: quality management systems, supply chain management, and operations.

We’re gonna skip the normal HR dreck and cut to the chase. The right candidate for this job has:

  • An appetite for risk. Brevitest is a startup with huge ambitions and a high likelihood of falling short of those ambitions. This is not a job for someone who fears failure.

  •  A willingness to work. This job is only for people who want to get their hands dirty. If you want to be on the field, a player-coach, working hand-in-hand with the other players to win, this is a good fit for you. If you like bossing people around and acting like a big dog in between your spa appointments and golf lessons, please look elsewhere.

  • An obsession with getting things organized. Our team today is mainly people who enjoy finding amazing solutions to huge problems, so we make a lot of messes and are constantly trying out new ideas. That’s fine, but it doesn’t ship a new version of an analyzer or make 1 million test cartridges or help a customer figure out how to get their results on the web. That’s why we desperately need a list maker on our team. If you don’t like to make lists and check things off of them by getting things done, there might still be a job for you at Brevitest, but it won’t be this job.

  • A passion for excellence. Brevitest is committed to doing things the right way. We are not perfect but we aspire to build an institution that is worthy of all our efforts. To do that, we aspire to being good (in multiple senses of that word).

  • A team spirit. We are a close-knit group. We’ve spent a lot of late nights and weekends getting to where we are. We do not suffer fools or liars, and we do not like the lazy, the arrogant, the free rider, the attention hog, the manipulator, or the lone wolf. We want someone who shares our goals but doesn’t think, act, or look like us, and won’t insist that we think, act, or look like them.

  • Knowledge and experience that will help us win. If we knew what we needed to do with QSO, we wouldn’t be hiring someone to lead that area, now would we? The more you know about medical devices, diagnostics, quality, supply chain management, FDA regulations, operations, chemistry, biology, plastics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, the more you can help.

Educational Requirements:

We don’t care. Seriously. Most of our team is highly credentialled and ridiculously over-educated, so we know from personal experience that earning a prestigious degree doesn’t guarantee you a clue – and we need someone who has a clue. That being said, you will definitely need serious engineering chops (because there’s a lot of technical stuff you’ll have to handle), business acumen (because we want to make a boatload of money), and people skills (because we are people and it’s people who make the difference).


It’ll be ok, but you won’t make as much as you probably deserve, and you won’t get rich off of your salary and bonus. But if we win, your equity participation could make you a gazillionaire.


If you want to find out more about Brevitest, just check out our website, But you’ve probably already done that, right?

How do I apply?

If interested, please submit your resume with a cover letter to Andrea Letkeman (, subject line “Brevitest QSO”. Your cover letter should share why you are interested in this position and why you feel it would be a good mutual fit. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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