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Brevitest Privacy Policy

Purpose & Scope of this Policy.  Your privacy is important to Brevitest Technologies, Inc., d/b/a Brevitest Laboratories, and its and affiliates (collectively, “Brevitest” or “we” or “us”), and we seek to protect and respect your privacy, especially your personal information. Personal information means any information about you which is personally identifiable (“Personal Information”) that we may gather from you, including Personal Information that you provide to or through one of Brevitest’s websites or online applications (apps), including from or through or  These websites and apps, along with the services provided in, through, and by them are referred to collectively as the “Websites.”

The collection, access, and use by us of this Personal Information, including when you are using our Websites, is addressed by this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”), along with Brevitest’s Terms and Conditions (the “Terms & Conditions”), and with Brevitest’s Privacy Practices (HIPAA) (the “Notice”).   Please read this Policy, the Term’s & Conditions, and the Notice carefully before submitting any Personal Information to Brevitest, including submissions through the Websites, so you understand how your Personal Information may be collected, used, and disclosed by Brevitest.

Personal Information from Third-Party Sites. This Policy applies only to your Personal Information collected by Brevitest, including from, through, or on the Websites.  It does not apply to your Personal Information collected on any third-party website over which Brevitest does not have control that may link or be accessible through the Websites.  Importantly, your submission of Personal Information to those websites is subject to those third-party website’s policies, not Brevitest’s.

Collecting Your Personal Information. There is certain Personal Information you may choose to provide to Brevitest, and that we may then collect and use. There is also Personal Information that you do not provide that we collect and use.  This Personal Information may include:

  1. Your contact information, like name, postal address, telephone number, email address, username, password.
  2. Your transaction information, like credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates, addresses related to a payment or billing transaction.
  3. Information relating to client services provided to you, like inquiries you make online or by email. We may make notes about the call, for example.
  4. Information collected through “cookies,” like
    1. Device information, like IP address, operating systems, device types, and device identification codes.
    2. Usage information, like browsing activity while on the Websites, what pages you visit, what you click or select, whether you open our emails, access times, etc.

Note that Brevitest may also lawfully receive Personal Information about you from others, like updated contact information.

Using Your Personal Information.  Brevitest may use your Personal Information to:

  1. provide you or your authorized healthcare provider with the services requested or ordered;
  2. process payments by your or your authorized healthcare provider for our services;
  3. respond to questions from you or your authorized healthcare provider;
  4. provide information about our products or services;
  5. audit and measure interaction with our Websites to enhance the effectiveness of the information we provide;
  6. market, advertise, or analyze our services;
  7. communicate information about our services, or events or news, as permitted by law;
  8. debugging to identify and correct errors;
  9. fulfill any other purpose for which the information was provided;
  10. comply with laws, regulations, or other legal process; and
  11. assessing and processing applications for employment.

Note that if you are using our Websites for HIPAA covered services or you have otherwise provided us “protected health information” (PHI), please review carefully Brevitest’s Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA) (the “Notice”) here: Privacy Practices .  That Notice describes how we use and disclose your PHI, our legal duties regarding PHI, and your rights regarding PHI and how to exercise them.   Should there be any conflict between the Notice and this Privacy Policy, the Notice controls.

Sharing Your Personal Information. We may share your Personal Information within our family of companies (i.e. our parent entity and other affiliates)

or with third-parties for certain purposes, including for such services as for your care, for invoicing and payment, for proper administration and management of Brevitest, and for other important purposes.  When we do, we take measures to require those recipients to adhere to similar protections for your Personal Information as those that Brevitest employee and agents.  Here is how and/or why we might share your Personal Information:

  1. With Service Providers/Contractors/Vendors/Other Third Parties. Brevitest works with other entities to manage and support some of its services and operations, and it may work with others in the future.  These companies may be located inside or outside the United States.
  2. For Legal Purposes. Brevitest may disclose relevant Personal Information as required to comply with legal duties, like disclosures required to:
    1. respond to duly-authorized requests from enforcement, regulators, courts, or other governmental authorities;
    2. comply with any law or regulation like a duly issued subpoena or court order;
    3. cooperate with law enforcement to help prevent security threats, fraud, or other wrongful activity;
    4. protect the interests of Brevitest;
    5. protect the safety or rights of our Brevitest, its employees, or third-parties, including protecting our (or their) websites, systems, information, premises, or property.
  3. With Entities Related to Brevitest. We may share your Personal Information with entities that are related to Brevitest, such as our parent entity and other affiliates or companies with some management personnel in common with Brevitest that provide services for Brevitest.
  4. For Corporate Transactions. Brevitest may, at some point, sell, buy, merge, or otherwise reorganize our business, or explore such opportunities. If so, these actual or potential transactions may involve disclosing your Personal Information to the potential purchasers or sellers and their advisors.
  5. With Your Consent. We may provide information to other third-parties if you so consent.

Note that Brevitest will not sell any of your Personal Information.

Security of Information.  Brevitest has employed measures that are designed to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure to Personal Information, to maintain the accuracy of data, and to limit use of Personal Information to only that which is appropriate and for the purposes intended. Be aware, however, that Brevitest cannot ensure, and it does not warrant, the security of your Personal Information because security measures, no matter how extensive and robust, are not infallible, and therefore, your transmission of information to Brevitest, including over the internet through the Websites, is at your own risk.

Further, Brevitest will not be liable for any security incidents caused by your sharing of password or identification code.  You agree to notify Brevitest immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or identification code, test codes, QR codes, or bar codes of which you become aware.

Steps You should Take to Protect Your Information.   Do not disclose to anyone any identification code, QR code, test code, bar code, or password that you may create or have created for a Brevitest account.  Because encryption is not a secure way to transmit information, you should not use emails to communicate to Brevitest confidential or sensitive information.

Links to Third-Party Sites.  There may be on the Websites links to websites of third-parties, which we do not control or operate.  Once you access these websites, you will have departed the Brevitest Websites.  Brevitest does not endorse any statements made about others’ websites, including the security of such sites.  So, the information and communications you have with those third-party sites do not fall within this Privacy Policy.  Be sure to check with those third-parties about the privacy and security of their sites.

Reviewing & Revising Your Personal Information.    You may change your personal information stored by contacting Brevitest.  See the “How to Contact Brevitest” section below, provided that any requested changes are consistent with, and do not violate, this Policy, the Terms & Conditions, or the Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA).

Cookies.  Brevitest tracks visitors to our Websites by collecting data elements called “cookies,” to enable certain functions and tools on the Websites, assist in navigation of the Websites, track resources and data used on the Websites, promote Brevitest’s services, and remember computer settings.  We use cookies to collect other non-personal information such as web browsers used to access our Websites, search terms used to find the Websites, and traffic referral and links to our Websites. You may prevent cookies by changing the properties on your web browser; but stopping your computer from accepting cookies may limit your web browser’s functionality on the Brevitest Websites.

Minors. Brevitest does not intend to collect information from minors (i.e., those younger than 18 years of age), nor attract minors to the Websites.  Please advise us immediately if you ever learn that Brevitest may have collected information from minors. Guardians and parents who deal with Brevitest on behalf of minors hereby acknowledge and consent to all the terms of this Policy on their own behalf and on behalf of the minor.

Update and Changes to this Policy.  Brevitest may update this Policy from time to time.  If we do update it, we will make the updated Policy available on this web page.  Changes are effective from the date on which they are posted on this page.  Please review the Policy from time to time to check whether Brevitest has made changes.

How to Contact Brevitest. Please call or email Brevitest with any questions, comments, or complaints:

Brevitest Technologies, Inc.

3900 Essex, Ste. 575

Houston, Texas 77027


This policy was last updated on September 16, 2021.