Product Road Map
COVID-19 and Beyond

Delta Variant Antibody Test

Like our inaugural product, this test will provide quantitative readouts of concentration of antibodies in blood. However, for this test we will be using the spike protein of the delta variant as our target. As a result, we will be able to assess the quantity of your antibodies – whether generated by response to an infection or a vaccination – that bind with the delta variant. The readout will also be BAU/ml, as per the WHO standard, allowing both an absolute and relative antibody binding performance.

Salivary IgA Antibody Test

While IgG is the most important blood-borne antibody, IgA is the most common type of antibody. Its presence in the mucus membranes makes it likely that these antibodies play an important role in preventing respiratory infections. Our IgA test will use saliva as the sample matrix, making it as easy to do as our fingerstick IgG. It provides a different and complementary view of your immune system’s status.

T-Cell Response Test

Brevitest is actively developing what we believe could be the first point-of-care test for T-cell response against an infectious disease. This test, when combined with our existing and planned antibody tests, could provide the first rapid, comprehensive immune system response assessment available to patients.

Salivary Antigen Test

PCR remains the gold standard of antigen testing for active infection. However, Brevitest has successfully prototyped a saliva-based antigen test that could provide accurate results in 15 minutes using saliva as the sample matrix. We believe this combination of speed and comfort will be attractive to patients, particularly those that must undergo regular testing for employment purposes.

New COVID-19 Variant Tests

One of the interesting characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is its ability to rapidly mutate. In particular, the spike protein appears to undergo rearrangement upon ejection from the cell, leading to a very high rate of change and an increased likelihood that a new variant will emerge. Brevitest will be monitoring this 

Other Tests

Our platform, since is based on flexible and proven immunoassay chemistry, allows us to provide additional tests for other infectious diseases, chronic diseases, cancer, and other conditions. We are able to respond quickly to new opportunities and needs.