Quantimmune™ RTN Program

An Objective, Respectful Approach to Return to Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create huge challenges for organizational leaders

  • Most people want to return to normal
  • Returning to normal requires objective milestones and quantifiable assessments of progress
  • In the absence of objective measures, organizational leaders will be forced to use to subjective and emotional criteria
  • Most people want to keep their vaccination or prior infection history private
  • Many people are skeptical of and resistant to mandates and policies that apply “one size fits all” rules to every situation
  • One objective milestone for a fully normal operation is achieving “herd immunity” – when a community is protected against infection because a percentage of the community has acquired immunity against the disease
  • Herd immunity is normally thought of in the context of a large population (nation, world) but the basic principle can apply to smaller groups of people, such as workers at a corporate office or manufacturing plant
  • For the delta variant, herd immunity is estimated to be approximately 82%

It is important to note that achieving herd immunity does NOT mean that no one in the community will get infected

Rather, it means that the chances of an outbreak are very low, justifying a return to normal – that is, life before COVID-19

The Brevitest Quantimmune™ RTN Program provides an objective, quantitative road map for organizational leaders to use in helping their organizations Return to Normal while being respectful of other people's diverse perspectives

Brevitest determines herd immunity by measuring seroconversions at one location

How It Works

Brevitest establishes a temporary testing location at the customer's site, fully staffed by trained Brevitest personnel and with all required equipment and supplies

Customers announce the program using templates provided by Brevitest and edited as desired by the customer

At least 90% of people at the customer's site are administered the Quantimmune™ COVID-19 Antibody Test to determine current level of herd immunity

Individual test results are kept confidential and shared only with the individual, but Brevitest provides leaders with an aggregate "COVID-19 Herd Immunity Scorecard" for the organization that includes an estimated level of herd immunity and, if the site is below herd immunity, how many more people need to get seroconvert to reach that level.

Once herd immunity has been reached, Brevitest provides a "Certificate of Herd Immunity" that can be posted and shared with others

At the organization's option, Brevitest can perform periodic follow-up testing to assess progress toward herd immunity, or possible changes due to the emergence of new variants that could lead to policy change