An ELISA test is a series of 2 binding events followed by an enzymatic reaction that generates a colorimetric readout. BreviTest automates the process to enable rapid (<11 minutes) result. The Brevitest platform is designed for quantitative analysis at the point of care (POC) by untrained 3 | IFU - Brevitest personnel, but the IgG serology test is qualitative and has not been validated for POC use, and may only be performed under the control of a high-complexity CLIA-certified lab.

4A10 and IL-7Rα in Scientific Literature

IL-7R is highlighted for its potential oncogenic effects in T-cell ALL

IL-7R signaling can drive leukemia development, acceleration, and resistance to chemotherapy

Targeting IL-7R with an antibody-drug conjugate is efficacious in models of T-cell ALL

IL-7R may play a key role in driving Ph-like and Ph+ B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

IL-7Rα is a promising target for the treatment of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia


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