The Testing Process

What to Expect When You Get Tested

We begin by taking a drop of fingerstick blood using a small lancet.​

We use lancets that are similar to those used by diabetics to take a blood sample for testing their blood sugar levels. They are small and generally painless. Since we only need about a drop of blood (10 microliters, to be precise), it’s a quick and easy process, even for kids!

We then add your blood to a proprietary diluent and thoroughly mix.​

The diluent prevents coagulation of the blood and also reduces the concentration to a measurable range.

Next, we load your diluted blood sample into one of our test cartridges.​

Cartridges are pre-loaded with the necessary reagents within our CLIA-certified laboratory. In addition to your sample, our technician loads a control solution in one of the channels for quality assurance.​

The loaded cartridge is inserted into our cloud-connected Acuity™ SPU analyzer.​

The unique barcode on the cartridge is scanned, the cartridge is validated, instructions are downloaded from the cloud, and the test begins automatically.​

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The Acuity™ SPU uses heat, moveable magnets, and on-board sensors to mix reagents and read the resulting signal.​

The test runs for about 12 minutes, and you’ll get a notification email as soon as it’s complete.

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When the test is complete, data is uploaded to the Brevitest Cloud for analysis and the results are posted for your review.​

If there are any anomalies detected in the results, the technician is notified, and we re-run the test at no additional cost. We are committed to providing you with information you can rely on!​