BreviTest Technologies, LLC (Houston, TX) is developing a point-of-care device capable of accurately replicating labor-intensive laboratory enzyme immunoassays (ELISA). 

  The Device  
ELISA is a popular analytic biochemical assay used worldwide in clinical and research laboratories to detect biological macromolecules (usually proteins) in a liquid sample. It requires precise liquid loading, multiple washes, extended reaction times and an experienced technician in a laboratory setting. We have developed a disruptive technology that replicates the entire ELISA wet lab process in a microfluidic environment. The key to our novel approach is moving the reactants across different reaction compartments using magnetic microparticles under the influence of an external magnetic field. The small volumes and micro-fluidic channels allow for reactions to proceed rapidly. This approach enables a compact point of care diagnostics that is sensitive, specific and rapid.  

Current Status 

  • The patent-pending technology has been reduced to practice with a handheld prototype. 
  • We have successfully demonstrated completely automated ELISA reactions.
  • We are in talks with potential partners to develop and test the technology further with the goal of reaching a wide range of markets including but not limited to clinical, ER and companion diagnostics, research applications, population screening, environmental monitoring and lifestyle applications.