Founded in 2013, Brevitest Technologies is an early-stage life sciences company that has developed a biomedical assay platform technology to perform ELISAs (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays) in a microfluidic environment.

Features & Benefits

Accurate, Complete System

Just like a traditional laboratory ELISA test, our analyzer performs the entire assay, including reagent mixing, washing, optical reading and data upload to the cloud; no additional equipment is required. Unlike a lateral flow assay (e.g. a pregnancy strip test), Brevitest produces quantitative data, ameliorating risks of ambiguous results.

Fully Automated & User-Friendly

After loading the sample onto a Brevitest cartridge and inserting the cartridge into the analyzer, the entire ELISA is fully automated, including the internal quality control test. QR codes on the cartridge ensure that the correct assay is run, and data are automatically uploaded and linked with the correct patient samples.

Cloud-based Data Analysis & Storage

Assay results are automatically sent from the analyzer to the cloud, resulting in immediate data backup and allowing for real-time analysis by clinicians. Cloud storage can easily enable reporting requirements to government health agencies.

Rapid & Portable

Brevitest has single-point user interaction. After powering the Brevitest analyzer on, and inserting the test cartridge, the entire process is automated. The user can view information about the assay, cartridge, and results via a smartphone or PC.

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